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Personal Histories: John

In 2004, John Warner took his son to France to show him the places where he had fought against the Germans in World War II. It was a very emotional and enlightening trip for both men. When John returned, he brought us one hour of video that he had recorded during his trip, and he asked us if we could do something with it. It was a typical, shaky 'home video' with lots of background noise and voices that were often barely audible. But there were some real nuggets of important places and narration, and there was a great story to tell.

We interviewed John in our office for an hour and he provided a lot of written background material about his Battalion during the war, including several pictures of him in France. We edited all these pieces together into a fascinating 1944 war story, interwoven with the 2004 father and son experience in a way that flows smoothly and is full of personal and historical facts. John was very proud of the video we produced. He called several times ordering more copies to send to his friends and family across the country. This video clip is just a short segment of John's wartime experiences.

John Warner in France during World War II

John Warner's Wartime Experiences