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Personal Histories: Millie

At 92, Millie is the lone survivor of 10 siblings that grew up on a farm in Kansas. Her grandson asked us to record the story of her life and how she earned her piece of the American Dream through hard work and dedication. We went to Millie's home to interview her, then we were given photos and old 8mm films. We edited everything extensively, adding maps and dates and names as needed. The final DVD is truly a great family heirloom.

These are the customized menus on Millie's DVD. Below the menus are the links to the video clips which are excerpts from 3 of the 22 chapters of her story.

Millie Main Menu Millie Chapter Menu

Millie's Video Clips:
Millie's Siblings Millie's Siblings Millie's Boats Millie's Boats Millie Looking Back Millie Looking Back