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Personal Histories

Record your life story and lessons learned, for your family and future generations.

Everyone wants to be remembered. All parents want to teach their children important life lessons, so they can survive and thrive for generations to come. What will your legacy be?

Legacy Videos will create a heartwarming and informative video on DVD of you and/or members of your family, that will become a family heirloom. Document your lifetime of experiences, relationships and accomplishments. Make copies of your video for all your children, siblings, friends and future generations. They will be extremely thankful that you had the foresight and that you took the time to document your life story for them.

Everybody's story is unique, but here are a few excerpts from projects completed by Legacy Videos. Take a look to see the high quality production we provide, and start thinking about the many facts and stories that you would like to record for your family.

Personal History Samples
Millie Millie Bill Bill John John Dick Dick
Greg's Testimonial Millie's Grandson, Greg Bill and Deanne's Testimonial Bill Copper's Testimonial Copper
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