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How We Produce Your Personal History Video

We will come to your home with two cameras, lights and microphones to record your interview. We will scan your selected photos and documents. We can include clips from your family videos or your old 8mm (or 16mm) family films. We can also videotape artwork, trophies, documents, and anything else that will help tell your story. Then we edit your materials extensively to produce a heartwarming, informative and very personal story.

We find that most families prefer to do the interview in their home. It is more relaxing and the background for the video will be familiar. Also, other supporting materials may be readily available. People often realize during the interview that they still have that old photo, a trophy, a work of art or other favorite item that would be perfect to illustrate a point they are making.

If you prefer not to film the video in your home, or if it is not practical due to limited space or too much background noise, then it can be done at our office or at another mutually agreeable location.

For those who are camera shy, we can record just your voice as you talk about your photographs, your films and your videos. Expect to cover up to 300 photos in an hour of interviewing. Often people have several photos from one event that will be discussed as a group. If your photos are in an album, leave them in the album, but you can place a Post-It on the important ones to insure that we cover them in the interview. The duration of the final DVD may be shorter with this method because there will be more editing of the narrative, but the result is just as exciting.

Our editing process includes rearranging your comments into chronological order or whatever order best fits your material. Then we spend a lot of time editing your narrative to minimize 'ums' and 'ahs,' eliminate unnecessary repetition, and adjust the timing so everything sounds as natural and appealing as possible. We show your photos and video clips where they are most pertinent to your story. We add arrows to maps to highlight locations and we highlight individual faces in photos so viewers will know immediately whom you are speaking about. As you talk about siblings or children, we can show their individual photos and display their names and birthdates. Often we can find photos of places or things that will help tell your story. Tidbits of music and sound effects can be added wherever they will enhance the video.

Then we put your video on a DVD. We will create a chapter menu so that you can immediately access each separate topic that is addressed in the interview. The DVD disk will have a customized color label including a photo of the subject(s) of the interview.

Then it is time for you to enjoy your personal video. Make lots of copies for all your relatives and friends. This is the best gift you can give to your family.

Personal Histories: May contain any or all of the following components:

  • Multi-camera interviews (in your home or our studio)
  • Your narration of your photos and old movies
  • Home videos clips
  • Stock photos and video clips
  • Photo animation
  • Custom DVD menus
  • Professional scripting and voice over
  • Green screen effects