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With a Professional Wedding Video you can re-live the excitement of your wedding day over, and over, and over, . . . You can rest assured that Legacy Videos will capture all the essential highlights, like vows, toasts, cake cutting, etc. If there is something specific you want to see, just tell us what, when and where and we'll get it.

You will see your wedding day from a whole new perspective. We like to capture lots of details, such as, comments from grandparents, little kids dancing in the back, the groomsmen hanging out, hugs and kisses at the cocktail hour, and so on. These people are important in your life. It is important to remember that they were there for you on your day.

View these Wedding Highlights:

Ashley & Troy


Jaclyn & Chris

Outdoor Ceremony (2:08)
Natalie and Matt
Natalie & Matthew

Ciara and Barry
Ciara & Barry

Kathy and Todd
Kathy & Todd

Catholic Ceremony (4:13)